Partner Program - F11 Fleet

Over the 30-year history of this Personal Computer industry there has been significant changes in technology. From stand-alone PCs with printers, LAN, WAN, email, internet, virtualization, and most recently, cloud computing. The one constant throughout this history is the Channel Partner model. With very few changes the model is basically the same over the last 3 decades. That is, until now.

Faktor11’s Partner Program "F11 Fleet" was born out of a depth of research that indicated that the channel model is antiquated and required fundamental changes. We are proud to say that we have gone from theory and research, to a proven model. With numerous vendors and channel organizations both within Canada, and World Wide, working directly with F11.

We bring a complete hosted workspace solutions to partners, allowing your customers to embrace end-user compute virtualization technology without the cost, complexity, or performance issues commonly found within VDI technology.

F11 Fleet

By joining our Fleet you gain access to an interlocked sales cycle that actively participates in your sales, leveraging your strengths and augmenting your weaknesses with F11 resources, methodology and well documented material.

We are continuously recruiting complimentary vendors based on a profile of "disruptive product" offerings addressing a business issue that has critical mass in the market.

Our mission is to make technology consumable for partners and clients alike.

A dedicated cloud services model that allows a flexible and easy way to play internationally.

  • Cloud services (recurring revenue) that can be bundled and resold by traditional VAR's.
  • Cloud services for MSP/Service Providers.
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One last thing - the whole F11 team is virtually available 24/7, to reply to your emails. Whether you need help, want to start your F11 Flight Test, join the F11 Fleet, have ideas or just want to say "hello", we'll get back to you shortly. Email us at