The business of IT is complex fueled by various challenges and pressures. Our F11 team wants to help alleviate your daily pains - stop the fire-fighting, keep the lights on and allow you to focus on the right priorities for your business. Our premium services help manage your challenges while also helping you to prepare for tomorrow's opportunities.

We have the expertise to deliver our solutions by three methods:

+ On-premise - Utilizing our professional services, we seamlessly integrate our solution with the existing physical hardware and software unique to the organization.

+ Private & Public Cloud - Our offerings can be delivered to a variety of cloud environments to ensure ubiquity world wide, this includes our own hosted solution.

+ Hybrid - Leveraging our hosted environment we can create a resource distributed system to suit a company's individual needs.

Managed Service

Tired of managing desktops, apps and devices? Get the all the benefits of an enterprise VDI solution by shifting desktop, apps and device management to the cloud. We make computing flexible easy to scale, with high-availability.
Top-notch support combined with the reliable, easy management, and advanced features of enterprise-class technology.

A similar service is available for F11 MSP Partners.

Hosted Service

Want to move desktop, apps and device management to the cloud but aren’t fully ready to make that leap? F11 has a cost effective hybrid service that gives you full control yet allows us to do all the heavy lifting and tedious tasks for you.
With advanced features enterprise-class technology we will help you take your business to another level.

A similar service is available for F11 MSP Partners.

Professional Service

Do you feel like the IT element of your business could use a fresh perspective? F11's approach to professional services is first to listen and understand our clients' position and business vision.
This process is followed with the goal to develop a solution that will not only meet a company's current needs, but also provide the foundation for the company to grow into the future.

Interested in checking this for yourself? Sign up for our hosted F11 Flight Test to get the full experience of what we have to offer.