You've probably heard all the great things a BYO solution can offer an organization such as yours, but let’s be frank with each other… it's an audacious initiative to achieve! It involves every facet of your business and ultimately changes the framework that you have worked with for many, many years. It's disruptive technology – It changes the way people work and ultimately how the business operates. You want to get it right the first time without added complexity.
That's where our solution comes in.

The usual points of contention:

  • Compressed budget, employees demanding choice, untapped productivity for business growth
  • No ability to securely support BYO devices today
  • Infinite number of devices to manage
  • Execs and end-users alike, don't want to carry two of everything
  • Many corporate assets to support in contractor hands
  • Working offline on any device, anytime, can be a challenge to implement

The usual organizational priorities:

  • Security, management, user experience
  • Enterprise: secure corporate access of network, apps, and data; IP protection; simplifying endpoint management
  • End-user: anytime, anywhere (online/offline) access to corporate data and apps with the device of their choice

Have we hit the mark yet? It's time to end the headaches!

We can help ease your pain while maintaining organizational priorities. With our solution you can secure corporate access regardless of devices, help other business units recruit and retain talent, reduced CapEx (laptops, tablets), all while ensuring an amazing user experience leading to productivity and growth.