Any organization who's gone through a M&A will say the experience was reminiscent of a war – Integrating two separate entities into one in an acceptable time frame poses more than a couple technical challenges. Seeking immediate productivity in a post M&A situation where integration of target assets requires several months to complete is daunting and exhaustive. What if we could level the battlefield and cut the transition time?

The usual points of contention:

  • It takes three months to move new users to a new system
  • A need for new users to be productive in a secure fashion
  • Lengthy and complex process to move the organization over
  • Users want to feel like they are part of the new organization – They want the same tools.

The usual organizational priorities:

  • Secure corporate access
  • Compliance policy enforcement
  • Secure/simplified endpoint management

Have we hit the mark yet? It's time to end the headaches!

Leave the war behind – Have immediate productivity post M&A while maintaining a secure encapsulated workspace complete with access to corporate data and apps. Integration of systems and people are now quick and easy. Your CFO will love the reduction in labor costs for integration of the two systems! Acquired employees cannot believe they have the right tools on their first day at work.