Business happens everywhere – sometimes a stable internet connection may not be possible in remote areas. How do you create an environment where you can easily on-board new staff, maintain and enforce a high-level of security and ensure productivity where bandwidth is low or non-existent? The answer is not as complex or difficult as you might expect, not with our solution.

The usual points of contention:

  • VDI infrastructure is expensive & OpEx
  • Must allow offline use for productivity and protect IP
  • Must allow offline use but must secure endpoints and protect IP
  • Complex infrastructure
  • Boot storm; high network load

The usual organizational priorities:

  • Do more with less – budget constraints
  • Productivity – Users must be able to work in remote areas
  • Ability to revoke or kill even when offline

Have we hit the mark yet? It's time to end the headaches!

Downloading large files takes more time then user has to spend. Trying to keep up or maintain such an environment with traditional VDI comes with a hefty CapEx and OpEx price tag. Allow your staff to be productive whether they are underground, offshore or airborne. This solution employs a high performance, rich end-user experience in low bandwidth remote locations with ease.