We hear more complaints about end users experiencing downtime rather than uptime making the demand for IT to keep up with the pace – insane! Having a powerful systems management tool wrapped in could make the world of difference.

The usual points of contention:

  • Keeping remote users productive
  • High costs associated with manual deployment, updates and IT support
  • Months to develop a virtual image
  • Weeks to deploy new laptops
  • Weeks to recall corporate-owned laptops for image updates
  • To an end user system updates are slow and disruptive

The usual organizational priorities:

  • Need for secure access to corporate data and apps
  • Minimize costs while providing the organization with all of the necessary tools
  • End-user: anytime, anywhere (online/offline) access to corporate data and apps

Have we hit the mark yet? It's time to end the headaches!

Leave the chaos behind! Reduce image development, updates, and new laptop deployment time from weeks and months to minutes. Hands off – Reduce your support costs. End-users will no longer experience any interruptions from IT making everyone involved happy and productive.