Halt the unnecessary hardware provisioning and procurement process for your contract workers – They don't want to have two of everything and neither should you. Lower your CapEx by not having to provide hardware. Enable secure corporate apps and data online and offline on corporate owned or personal devices without the risks associated with stolen or harboured IP loss.

The usual points of contention:

  • Tight budget, at the same time a need to improve productivity and protect IP
  • No ability to secure corporate access, protect IP today
  • Complex systems management for corporate-owned PCs in contractors hands
  • Contractors don't want to carry two of everything and want to work online/offline on any device, anytime

The usual organizational priorities:

  • Protect critical IP, eliminate IP/data leakage, secure corporate access, protect the network from malware infections or unauthorized intrusions
  • For corporate-owned devices, simplify endpoint management
  • For contractor owned devices ensure apps and data can be wiped completely off their personal devices once they have leave the organization

Have we hit the mark yet? It's time to end the headaches!

We've got you covered on all bases. Lose the extra hardware lifecycle! Using two of everything is counter-productive. The secure container eliminates data leaks and IP loss, we reduce management/security costs by providing policy-based secure corporate access regardless of the device or network. Notably, it also allows offline capability to improve productivity even in low bandwidth environments.